Friday, March 25, 2011

Speaking of Dita ...

My friend Suzanne brought this up the other day, and I think it's an excellent point to discuss on this blog. Yesterday I featured Dita Von Tesse, and her infinite beauty. But one thing we all want to know is, what on EARTH did she see in Marilyn Manson?

Here is one of the classiest, most exquisite women on the planet, and she was dating .... this guy?? ---------------->

Now, I'm not going to knock Marilyn. Maybe he's the most amazing guy that ever lived ???
I don't know ???
Maybe he buys them flowers every morning, and rubs their feet every night ???
Maybe he makes them laugh with his wit, and smile with his boyish good looks ???
But I have to wonder ... what magic cologne is this guy wearing, if he's able to bag hot Pin-Up chicks with seemingly effortless style??

I'm more than confused. That's all I can say. 

He's not with Dita any longer, but rather Evan Rachel Wood, who I think is stunning as well ... and I just have to ask ...

"What IS it with this guy???"

If you think he's handsome / talented / amazing ... I'm not trying to offend. Just want to know what it is that beautiful, intelligent girls see in him. Looking to learn  ... not to judge ;) 


  1. I just saw an interview of Marilyn Manson on TV and he suprised me quite much; he is very intelligent and creative which can be very appealing sometimes...and maybe he looks rather normal without his lenses!:)

  2. That's what my friends were saying on FB. I can totally see that :) ... Plus, I typically like tall skinny guys anyway, so I'm sure I would see something in him as well if we were to hang out in person. Just wanted to hear people's take on it :)

  3. I also usually like skinny and tall guys..but my boyfriend is small and athletic...which definitely prooves that you don't really chose the one you's love that finds you!;)
    ps: you look pretty with your umbrella!

  4. I absolutely adore Mr. Manson. He is a highly intelligent man, from his beliefs, his philosphies, and to the eloquent dark poetry that is his music. I love that at such a young age he knew not to blindy follow the masses. He knew to question everything and to not accept the answers he was given simply because he was a child, and they were adults. If you ask me there is just something so damn irresistably sexy in a man who isn't afraid to be himself, to push boundaries, to be an individual. I can totally see why these women fell for him. He is after all a musician, an artist, a philospher, and a romantic. What's not to love and swoon over?

  5. Finally .... someone who's passionate about Manson! :) Just what I was hoping for!

  6. Well I'm glad you appreciate my love of Mr. Manson. Its rare to get people to understand it. My boyfriend doesn't get it at