Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Victory Curls

Good morning all you beautiful Rockabilly Ladies!
It's another Monday morning, and likely we've all rolled out of bed slightly exhausted from the weekend soirees, or in my case, two nights of music and dancing - and one full day in Napa Valley. ;)

On Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the Haight Street Hop in San Francisco, where the girls from Wak Shack salon provided fabulous Pin-Up hair and makeup ... giving me the inspiration for today's blog post. 

Each morning on the train to work, I'm astounded by all the blasé ponytails and flat lifeless hairdos. If anything we need a little "pick-me-up" on Monday mornings ... so why not opt for something fun?

It really doesn't have to be a "weekend only" affair, am I right?

So this morning I took to Amazon ... and much to my delight, found a book by Daniela Turudich, which details endless coiffed hairstyles from the 1940's. I impulsively ordered a used version of this book as fast as you can say Jack Robinson.

I've actually been meaning to buy one forever, but the book was out of print for so long that I thought it would never be available. And now, low and behold, Amazon has New and Used versions if you are willing to fork out a little extra dough.

I'll let you know how it works out as soon as I get it!

In the meantime, I think you will enjoy this video. So many varieties / spin offs can be taken from this adorable style, and unlike most hairstyle "how-to videos" this one is actually fun to watch.

Hope this inspires you to put a little FLARE in your Tuesday!

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  1. I think I'd need 8 arms to do my hair by myself! And how many bobby pins would it take for my hair to stay up like that?....I remember getting my hair done for Prom, and my stylist told me not to try to take out the pins, but rather just shower and let them all wash out. I counted somewhere over 150 pins when they all washed out. :)