Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the World in 80 Pin-Ups

Although the classic image of the "Pin Up" is often associated with WWII calendar girls of the US ... I think it's important to remember that their style was ... and is ... largely universal. You can find Pin-Up style all over the world. It's not something reserved for sweet rosy cheeked gals from the Midwest. So along with all my other Rockabilly rants, I'm going to start introducing Pin-Ups from around the globe.

My first choice is Sonja Henie, from Norway.
Sonja was born in 1912, and went on to become a rather famous Norwegian figure skater and movie star. She was an Olympic Champion 3 times over, and at one point, was apparently the highest paid starlet in Hollywood!

What I really love about her story is the fact that she is credited with being the first figure skater to adopt a short skirt for a costume, as well as the first to introduce dance technique to the sport. And what would modern day figure skating be without short skirts and dance choreography, eh??? Maybe not a "giant leap" for mankind ... but definitely a crowd-pleaser. ;)


  1. Great post honey! Have you seen my pin up girls application on FB? Just type in pin up girls in the search box and you should find it. She has on a green outfit! I know you probably already entered, but the Spring giveaway ends today! Check it out! And, don't forget to vote for Fine Man Friday! Kori xoxo

  2. Thanks Kori! I was just looking for your FB app but I can't find the green dress....
    Do you have a link for that? :)