Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Can Never Go Wrong with Bettie Page

The new job has me so swamped that I don't have any free time!! That is, any free time besides my occasional "Bettie Page Break."

Isn't she just the cutest darn thing you ever laid eyes on?

More writing to come soon, I promise ;)

In the meantime, a little more shakey-shakey for you Rockabilly lovin' fools ... 


  1. Shes so darn cute! hehe :) makes my laugh how cheeky she is! I love how much fun shes having, and all the faces she pulls :) Go Bettie, go!

  2. Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. And to think, nowadays “duck face” is considered sexy. Retch. Your blog is super cute.

  3. That Bettie Page was the greatest and most gorgeous pinup model on the planet.

    Rest in peace, Bettie. I miss you.