Wednesday, March 9, 2011

36'-22-36' - My Baby, She Looks so Fine

On may way to work this morning I noticed that the guy next to me had a super cute Pin-Up girl tattoo. You could tell he was a firefighter with plenty of old scars from battling flames, but the girl was still intact. She had a fireman's hat covering her dainty blonde curls, and was sliding seductively down a pole on his forearm. But what really struck me was just how "curvaceously awesome" this girl was!

Isn't it interesting how women these days diet and work out to the extreme, with the hope that they can one day have 0% body fat and rippling muscles ?? ... But at the same time, when a man decides to ink the ultimate "sex symbol" on his arm, he opts for the buxom babe with curves for days? That's what Marilyn Monroe was after all.

 Just compare these photos. Who would YOU rather embrace?

That six-pack doesn't look so cuddly. Just saying ...
And that brings me to my point.

One thing that I truly love about the Rockabilly culture is that they still embrace this classic idea of beauty, and celebrate the woman's figure to the fullest. I think that's what drew me towards the culture in the first place. The vintage style clothing was just so much more flattering to my figure than anything I could buy in modern stores, and the more I looked at old Pin-Up photography, the more I wanted to have that look .... not so much the stick figure of the modern day woman.

So what does this mean???
This doesn't mean that "Jenny said it's OK to get fat now" ... You still want to be healthy, right?
But for Pete's sake, eat a cookie every once in a while. It's good for your figure. ;)

Here's a little video that may inspire you. Amazing song by Bobby Bland ... Now, get your curve on ladies. ;) 


  1. Just saying I randomly found this looking for old Pin-ups of firefighter girls but I loved the article you have written here! I just wanted to let you know that I'm just starting out as a firefighter and always love my women with curves! Take care and remember to check your smoke alarms!