Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lonestar Round Up Featurette - Happy Independence Day, TX !

On this day in 1836, "Mexican Texas" officially broke from Mexico, creating the one and only Republic of Texas.

And thank God for that!

Otherwise the world would be without the extraordinary  
Texas Lonestar Round Up !
In honor of our Texas Independence, I would like to open your world (wherever that may be) up to this fabulous event taking place in Austin, Texas on April 1st-3rd.

For the past 10 years the Texas Lonestar Round Up has been attracting Rockabilly fans from across the globe with the lure of sexy classic cars, amazing live music, pound inducing fried food...
and sassy Pin-Up girls with big hair and long legs for days.

If any of these attributes sounds appealing to you, I would strongly suggest you book your ticket to Austin immediately.

The music is always one of the biggest draws for me...
Bands like Jimmie Vaughan, the Jungle Rockers, The Jade Idol, Junior Brown and Haybale are among some of the fantastic performances not to be missed.

Then, there are the cars.

Ohhhhh, the cars.
I'm not sure why I have such an intense obsession with the 1950's Chevy.

It's like I have the soul of a car mechanic born in 1928 ?? 

But regardless, I would recommend this show for all classic car enthusiasts.
They pile in for miles, and you can spend hours just walking down the aisles in the parking lot, drooling over pin-striping and chrome.
Here you can see me and my love, Maybelline, enjoying the Round Up a few years back.

This year, I will be debuting my new 51 Chevy Deluxe Hardtop ... and praying to God she has the same reliability factor that Maybelline did. :)

All in all, this weekend is amazing. Never fail.

I'll definitely be there with bells on ... or at least a short skirt and a flower in my hair. ;)
Hope to see you there!


  1. Hey! You need to see your sis while you're in town!

  2. Mike and I are going to a classic car show this weekend in Swansboro (small town where you and I stopped and bought the fresh seafood off the back of the boat). I wish you were here to go with us!