Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Olivia De Berardinis

Over the years I've become especially partial to the Pin-Up art by the incredibly talented  -
Olivia De Berardinis.

Her art is a bit more "racy" than the traditional Pin-Up art, but it still retains the same playful and sultry qualities that captivated GI's across the globe during WWII. Olivia's "ladies" perfectly mix eroticism with a twist of sophistication, and I've picked out 2 thus far for tattoos on my back and forearm.

(More to come, no doubt ;)

The first, and by far my favorite, was this Bettie Page pirate rendition, which I conveniently picked out only months before going to Jamaica for the first time.

The second, was this adorable "Bettie inspired" cowgirl on the right. I snatched her up in a Swedish Playboy while traveling through Scandinavia many many years ago when I was living in Russia.

I absolutely adore the color schemes, and they ended up being perfect for my skin tone!

Now if only people would stop asking me "When will you be gettin' them there tattoos colored in??" ... and ... "Who drew that picture of Katy Perry??"

Mike Adair, a phenomenal tattoo artist now based out of Vancouver, Washington was the lucky man who got to attempt to replicate these works of art on my skin.

And I must say, in some ways, I think his work is even better than the originals!

If you are in the Vancouver area, make sure to check out Electric Boogaloo Tattoo ! I'll get some good pictures of the art so you can see what I'm talking about.
But for now, let's enjoy some of Olivia's other works of art that I'm considering for future tattoos ...
Mike, are you ready? ;)


  1. Olivia is amazing!! That is so cool that you have two of her sketches as tattoos! Great taste.

    - Babs

  2. Love the website!! I became a Rock A Billy Rebel when I listened to Elvis for the first time when I was 7. I was the only one at my Jr. High School to don a pomp-a-dour and leather jacket. While being study body Pres no less. Found you by Googling Bettie P. I have a couple prints done by Olivia up in my house in Vegas. One is of Bettie as a substitue is Naughty but VERY NICE..... the other is a print of Ms. Paige in a hot cone like bustier that has the word Bizarre across the top of the print.... Anyway...keep the faith..... Jeff M. Las Vegas