Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fancy Nancy Update

I'm back from the Lone Star Round Up!!
And such a great Round Up it was ;)

We braved the heat, partied until 5 am, ate loads of BB-Q and other Texas classics ... and got a bit of bonding time with Nancy.

Unfortunately, Nancy was being a bit temperamental.
She was starting just fine ... but had some "heat" related issues, among other things.

This was probably Lux's face when I called him to tell him. Haha!

She wasn't able to make it out to the Round Up, although, she did make a few appearances at South Congress bars here and there. ;)

Here is Freddy, sweating bullets, trying to coax her out to the Expo center. 

I think she finds herself not quite fancy enough to be called "Fancy Nancy"...

Which is why we've decided it's time for a makeover.
More to come on that soon.

But damn. She sure is a looker, eh? Can't wait to get this baby on the road once and for all!!


  1. You jinxed yourself when you named her 'Nancy'...you know, the woman who never went anywhere?!

  2. Hahahaha. That's what mom said!