Friday, April 8, 2011

Lady Fingers

Yeah, Yeah ... those are good too.

But what I REALLY want to draw your attention to is far cooler than cookies ...

It's called GEL ... and it's the latest craze for your lovely lady fingernails.

All classy Rockabilly ladies should have fiery red nails at all times, yes?? Or at least well manicured pink ones...

But, I'll be the first to admit - I can't make a traditional manicure last for more than 38 minutes. No way, no how.

It's not like I'm a construction worker. I work a 9-5 at the computer, like most folks. But for some reason, getting a traditional manicure is pretty much the equivalent to flushing $20 down the toilet for me.

So, in my attempt to find something that would last to that 39th minute, I branched out and tried the new Gel Manicure a couple of years ago in NY.

Now - I'm a believer!
Wouldn't go back for all the tea in China!

Imagine, a beautiful, shiny manicure that lasts 2 and a half to 3 weeks and is completely dry before you leave the salon!!
No chips. No peeling. No dullness. No breaking.
It's a miracle, as far as I'm concerned.

The process takes just under 1 hour, and involves prepping your nails for 4 coats of gel polish, with 1-2 minutes under a UV or LED lamp between each coat.

 (Apply sunscreen first, just to be safe ;) 

The highlight for me is when I reach into my wallet to pay, and slip on my socks and boots without any fear of messing up my new frills.

2 weeks later I have a tiny bit of "grow-out," but zero chips.
So. Freakin'. Worth it.

They range between $25 and $45 depending on what city you live in, but think of it this way ...

You can pay $10 to $15 every DAY for a "show worthy" traditional manicure.
OR, you can shell out a little more every 2-3 weeks for something with longevity.

My personal favorite is the OPI collection called AXXIUM.

You won't regret it, ladies!


  1. I've been getting them since October and love, love, love it! Kori xoxo

  2. This looks great! I too can never keep a manicure going for more than a couple of days. Do they have these everywhere? Or do you have to go to a special salon?

  3. I had to ask around quite a bit to find it in SF, but you can find it on almost any corner in NYC.
    I would just G
    oogle "gel manicure" for your city, and call the salon before you go to make sure they actually carry it ;)

  4. Have to say had one before and did love it, I'm like you my manicures last like 10 minutes, a total waste of money. I would recommend them but they are pretty expensive in the uk :o(

  5. I've been wanting one of these for ages, but I haven't had a spare £20 for a haircut in the last six months, let alone more than that for a manicure! It looks fantastic, the OPI range has such great colours too.

  6. Have you tried Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat? It's seriously life changing if your manicures aren't lasting a long time.

  7. You know, in NY they were pretty cheap because you could literally get one on any corner ... but in SF they are a bit more pricey.

    If only all salons would offer it, there would be some healthy competition to drive the price down! ;)