Monday, April 25, 2011

BBQ. The Key to Happiness.

Some may disagree, but I firmly believe that all proper Rockabilly gals should eat, and love, BBQ.

I don't care if it's BBQ chicken, brisket, ribs or turkey.
They're all created equal as far as I'm concerned. So you can imagine my excitement when Frederik introduced me to an AMAZING BBQ joint here in San Francisco, called Memphis Minnie's.

The decor is "pig" ... hundreds of pigs.
And meat, of course. Super colorful and fun ... as places in San Francisco should be.

Now, my grandpa was a BBQ man. And I was raised a BBQ girl. So I'm pretty picky when it comes to this stuff. And surprisingly, I gave this joint 2 thumbs up with the very first visit!

Their potato salad is to die for, brisket is slow cooked / melt in your mouth perfect with just the right amount of "char" ... and the portions are Texas size.

Funny enough, I tend to lean towards their North Carolina Mustard sauce!?!?

I smother EVERYTHING in it ... even the potato salad.
My only gripe is that they could do better with their "Texas Sauce" ... but hey, that's a tough act to follow. 

So, if you're in the Bay Area, give me a call!
I'll grab my white dress and white heels ... garters and lace. We can swing by Lower Haight, grab a few pounds of meat, and maybe enjoy a little picnic in Dolores Park?
Sounds like Heaven to me :)


  1. You in a white dress with a pound of BB--Q sounds like heaven to me!

  2. I lived in San Francisco for 6 years without ever going here as I am a BBQ snob of sorts. lol. Dear woman, you have convinced me to take the plunge! Looking at that plate of beef brisket is making me drool. I live in Berkeley and it's only a drive away, thank God. I don't think I've had proper BBQ in at least 6 months. :-(

  3. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!
    The ribs are phenomenal ... and brisket is absolutely to die for. Let me know what you think!! :)