Monday, April 11, 2011

Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places??

I was browsing the web for some good Rockabilly content, and stumbled upon this site of awesomeness:
And I'll have to admit ... I couldn't resist the urge to explore.

Let's face it ... it can be hard to find someone who has the same interests as us Rockabilly gals. And many of us live in cities with rather small Rockabilly communities, so I can definitely see the appeal of a site that connects Rockabilly singles across the globe.

So I entered the site as a guest, and proceeded to conduct a search. I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting ...
But the results were quite interesting, to say the least.

Exhibit A:  

Exhibit B: 
("that guy")

Exhibit C:
(my personal favorite)

Exhibit D:
(trying to prove something?)

 Exhibit E:
("sexy" comes to mind??)

Exhibit F:

Now, this may not look like the most promising list of prospects. I know, I know.

But then there was this guy, sort of crammed between the "winners" ...

Cute, able to construct a full sentence.
I don't know, maybe worth a try?
(for some other lady, of course ... I'm taken ;) 

So it's not a hopeless cause, I guess. As long as you've got some time on your hands.
Has anyone ever used this site before?
I'd be interested to hear how it works for singles really looking to find love with a Rockabilly twist. :)


  1. I think the best way is to go out to Rockabilly shows. You live in SF, right? Go out to see Deke Dickerson at the Elbo Room Friday night :-)

  2. Also, car shows in the summer. Meet some girls who are into it and then you can find out the dirt on some guys, like who may have dated who, if someone is a womanizer, all that.

  3. Hahaha. Awesome ;) I'm actually in a relationship, so it wouldn't be for me. I was just curious, more than anything. But the shows are definitely on my list, regardless!

    Will be in Vegas this weekend, but I'm sure we'll run into each other soon!

  4. The guy with the melons cracks me up! What was he thinking?

  5. You are going to Vegas the wrong weekend!!! LOL

  6. I know RIGHT!! It's for work :( Wish it would have overlapped with Viva!

  7. I used rockabilly years ago.Not for dating but just to see if there were any rockabilly people around my area to hang with.Ended up in a long distance relationship for 6 years.(hard work)It ended but I found my hubby not long after that one ended.Not through the site though.Whole other story.I think anything is worth a try for Love.Love the way you have them listed as exhibit A,b,ect.Made me giggle.

  8. I am so happy I'm married and happy! I can't imagine looking for someone now with similar interests. The scene is still pretty big here, I don't live far from London, but I either know them all or know about them which can be even worse!!

    I'd be interested to know if this has worked for anyone!

  9. I have to tell you it asked for the word Mister to get my last comment published, how freaky!

  10. That site has been around for years. I remember finding it and poking around with a morbid sense of curiosity. I think the prospects were *slightly* better back then (but not much...)