Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want to lose 5 pounds in 5 seconds?

Well then ... Stand Up Straight !

This is my new motto, which I've been perfecting through my daily ballet inspired bar method classes.

When I was a dancer in my "youth" I had amazing posture.
Then, 12 hours a day at a computer really took a toll.

My New Year's Resolution, along with being able to do the splits again, was to work on my posture.
And why do so? 

Well ... for one, you WILL look 5 pounds slimmer immediately upon standing up straight.
It's true! Go over to a mirror and try it!

Not only will you look slimmer, you will also look more confident, which is always a plus. Have you ever seen a slouching Pin-Up model? I think not...

And, dare I say, you might even feel 10 times better?

Slouching causes pain and discomfort. So why do it?

Laziness ... that's why.

Just think about it. Bad posture ages you. It makes you look weak and shy. It certainly doesn't suggest "classy lady"... and quite frankly, it's unattractive.

So I challenge you ... and myself ... to make this a top priority for the rest of this week.

Here's a great guide to "Good Posture" worth checking out.

Good luck ladies !! :)


  1. I am so bad with it comes to this. I slouch all day and it ends up hurting my neck and back so much. But whenever I try to focus on good posture I always forget after 5 minutes hahaha!

    Any advice on longevity?

    Love the blog!

    Bobbi Sue

  2. I agree.keeping good posture will work wonders.I had back surgery when I was twelve for scoliosis.I wouldnt wish that on anyone.