Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Shake It ... or Not to Shake It

That is the question ... ??

Last night I had the pleasure of introducing two girlfriends, who are visiting from Berlin, to the wonderful world of Burlesque here in San Francisco

We went to Club Deluxe, where Little Minsky's puts on a show once a month, featuring girls from all over the US. 

Last night they debuted "Dangerous Curves Ahead, a troupe from Brooklyn that I've seen multiple times on the East Coast. 

Their style is a bit more comedic than most, but their acts are typically hilarious.

Luckily, the Germans thought the performers were a riot! :)
Especially "Scotty the Blue Bunny," a rather tall man who seems to be an SF burlesque staple in a blue lycra bunny suit and 9 inch heels!

Aside from a homeless man passing out on his bar stool (EMS to follow) ... Some much needed laughter ... And the always appreciated "tassel twirling," the girls and I had some interesting conversations.

Their question to me was, 
"Jenny ... why aren't you up there ?" 

And I guess I don't have a really good answer for this ... !!
(Hence this blog post) ..

The truth is, I do know how to shake it - I would LOVE to be up there on stage - And I don't see anything wrong with that ...
Other than the fact that I'm an executive in a corporate environment by day.

So what do you think? Can you have a career by day, and an audience at night? I feel like, if made to choose between the two, I would have to go with the career... obviously.

But do you think it's necessary to choose? In my opinion, this is ART!

Is it wrong to climb the corporate ladder AND be an artist?
I think not.... but I'm sure there are plenty of people with a different opinion. What do you think???


  1. My only comment is I've read about two teachers getting fired in the last few years for nude pictures surfacing. Granted they are teachers and the schools probably did it to appease the parents more than anything else. But it wasn't porn. It was tasteful, nude photographs.

    I think if it's something you're seriously interested in you should do some investigating. I will say that everyone SHOULD be able to have the career they want and simultaneously express their creativity in whatever manner they choose. It's how I would vote, given the option.

  2. I say do it. You only live once and you should do the things you enjoy. If there is a boss at your work you can talk to, maybe do that just to cover your ass. I think its crap that you can get fired for what you do in your off time, but it can happen. But since you arent a teacher or politician or something I dont see why it should matter.

  3. I agree! You should go for it. You would be an amazing burlesque performer! I for one, would be your biggest fan. ;)

  4. Most of the burlesque dancers I know have day jobs in corporate settings. Luckily, there is plenty of room in the amazing burlesque world for "weekend performers" as well as full-timers! Go for it! It's an amazing experience even to just take a class and see how you feel about continuing with it.

  5. Ditto - go for it. Most of the burlesque and belly dance performers I know around town have day jobs. I performed (belly dance) when I ran my HR department; wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. Dance in any form IS art. Life is waaaay too short to pass up the opportunity to express yourself creatively.

  6. I love this positive reinforcement ... I think I just might look into this !! :)

  7. I say do it too. I guess burlesque is slightly different so I guess it depends what you do by I used to work for the Navy as a contractor and was a singer at the same time, it sure makes life interesting!

  8. Do it! One of my best friends and favorite performers is a librarian by day! Just shows your day life has nothing to do with your saucy hobbies.

    New to your blog by the way, and I love it!

  9. Librarian by day, burlesque dancer by night!?! That's awesome.

    Well ... if that works, than anything goes, yes?

    I'll run it by the old man, see what he says, and who knows ... maybe the next video I post will be my own! ;)

  10. "Librarian by day, burlesque dancer by night!?! That's awesome."

    I second!

  11. I would travel anywhere in the world to see you perform. :)I think you should just take a few classes for the "exercise" and see what you think of it. Start out as a hobby, and if you become more and more passionate about it, then start booking gigs.