Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wait, So ... You're Rockabilly Barbie ??

Rockabilly Barbie Infringement Lawsuit Shocker!

I'm sorry, but WHAT ??
The link above will take you to one of the most ridiculous stories I've read this hour. (Right up there with a wedding via Skype, and a man speeding with his wife on the roof of his minivan. )  - True story.

To sum it up, Mattel and Hard Rock Cafe released a rocker-chick Barbie series, one of which being the

"Rockabilly Barbie"...

So apparently, the HorrorPops lead singer, Patricia Day has filed a lawsuit against Mattel for creating this Barbie in her "likeness."

She's asking that Mattel stop selling the doll immediately and fork over all the proceeds to none other than Patricia Day herself.

FYI: Rockabilly Barbie comes equipped with a stand up base, a tattooed sleeve, long black hair and "punk-rock-ish" jewelry - all for a measly, $80 ... ??? Damn Barbie. I'm sorry, but when I look at this doll I'm not so inclined to believe that it's modeled after a Danish punk rock star from the 90's. Are you?

I've seen PLENTY of  Rockabilly shows with hot chicks sporting Bettie Page bangs, black curls, tattoos and a sexy stand up base at their side.
I mean ... here's one right here ----------->

If anything, I would say she looks like a modern day version of Bettie Page. So if anyone is going to file a lawsuit, maybe it should be those protecting her brand over at      Bettie Page LLC ?? 

Does this Patricia gal really and truly believe that she's important enough to have her own Barbie??

Or more importantly, does she really believe that she is so unique that there is NO mistaking the fact that they created this doll in HER image??

Chances are, this doll could be any one of us, yes?
I'd love to hear what you Rockabilly ladies think.


  1. How ridiculous!!!! I love the Barbie, but this girl is crazy!!! I'm having a giveaway to celebrate Spring Break...make sure to head over and enter! Kori xoxo


  2. I think so too. But then again ... it is America. Everyone's out to make a buck. Maybe it will be her lucky day?? ;)

  3. I think it looks more like the chick from Devil Doll, but given some bangs. IF we're assuming that it's actually based of any rockabilly female artist.
    If it's Barbie saying she's Rockabilly, well hell, that doll could be anyone with long black hair, a half sleeve, and Bettie bangs.

  4. Looks like a Cello to me...

  5. Now if there is a Rockabilly chick out there with black hair and a cello, I'll totally shut my mouth and let their lawsuit slide ;) ...

  6. actually, I know one! She lives in Brooklyn and is an Austinite. Looks nothing like the "Barbie" - more like a hipster. ;)