Monday, March 28, 2011

Fancy Nancy

In preparation for the Round Up, I think it's only fitting to introduce you to Nancy ... better known as "Fancy Nancy," in my book.  But first, a little background.

Most of you know about the accident in which Maybelline, my 54' Chevy Bel Air, sacrificed herself to save Freddy after some belligerent teenager T-Boned them while going 70 on the highway. No seat belts, high impact collision, and Freddy walked away unscathed. Maybelline, however, was hit in the "coffin corner" and unfortunately, retired from the road permanently.

After plenty of negotiations with the insurance company, and some MUCH needed help with appraisal from the boys at Crushproof, in Austin ....

I walked away with a settlement that was 3 times what I had originally paid for my dear Maybelline.

Flash forward to the Lone Star Round Up, 2010. I couldn't keep my eyes off of this beautiful cherry red 1951 Chevy Deluxe Hardtop. She was such a looker! And imagine my surprise when I showed up at Mercury Charlie's on Sunday only to find a "For Sale" sign in her window!! Impulse shopping has always been my one true downfall ..........

Now, flash forward to exactly 1 year later.
I've been living in New York and San Francisco, and this cherry red firecracker has been sitting in Austin just waiting for my return. Thanks again, to the boys at Crushproof, she is now ready for the road ... and come Friday, I'll be breaking her in on the open road for the first time!

Now, why call her Nancy?

My grandma, Nancy Beene, was a gorgeous little spitfire of a woman.

A bit high maintenance, and occasionally a wee bit stubborn ... but one classy lady at the end of the day.

I think her soul has been reincarnated in this car. She'll run like a dream for one minute, and decide not to start the next. Maybe she runs on Rum and Coke? If so, I'm certain reincarnation has taken place ;) ...

It seems my friend Lux at Crushproof has whipped her into shape, and I'm ready to test her out ... but she's going to require a different kind of love and attention than Maybelline. I can feel it.

There may be some push and shove, and she might be a bit ornery and tenacious at times, but she's definitely fancy. Hence the nickname ;)

More to come on our "first date" soon!!!


  1. I love this story! You paint a picture of both Fancy Nancy and grandma Nancy all in one! Fabulous!

  2. I do what I can! She does prefer to be sweet talked rather than cursed at, though...


  3. I promise, only sweet words ... like honey ... going forward ;)

  4. thats one poorly composed photo of that person next to the wheel... really? shes apparently posing taking a wheel off but the car isnt even jacked up??

  5. what would she do when the car crushes her legs... start a new trend of wheelchair betties? as per brian setzers song really rockabilly, it would usher in "invalid rockabilies"