Monday, June 13, 2011

Tu Vuò Fà L'Americano - It Started in Naples

Last weekend we sat down with a bottle of Nebbiolo and a plate of salty Italian cheese to watch Sophia Loren in
"It Started in Naples" ... I mean, what could be better on a lazy Sunday afternoon, yes?

And let me tell you, Sophia was a knock out. She still is, in fact ... but her beauty was downright ethereal in the 60's.

I must say, the movie was absolutely adorable.

Yes, it can be a tad cheesy at times, but it's a classic... and most classics tend to be a tad cheesy, agreed?

But I absolutely love the burlesque scenes where Sophia works the nightclubs on the island of Capri.

And if I ever had a son, I would hope and pray that he was as cool and little Nando, seen on the right.

Definitely worth watching.
But if you don't foresee yourself sitting down with Italian wine and cheese for a Sunday matinee any time soon, I highly recommend you watch this scene below. Talk about smokin' !!

Ciao bella! ... ;)


  1. Actually my favorite scene is when he teaches young Nando how to make a proper cheeseburger :)

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