Monday, May 9, 2011

The Salty Dog Chronicles - "Pisco Sour"

And yet another Rockabilly-Worthy cocktail for your repertoire!

As you may have noticed, I have a certain affinity for "fizzy" drinks, which are typically made with whipped egg whites.

(Ruby Fizz, being my favorite) ...
But the Pisco Sour is a close second.

This drink is incredibly refreshing and uplifting, AND has a rather interesting past.

Apparently, in the 17th century the King of Spain banned wine ... I would have died ... leaving the poor Peruvians no choice, but to drink their imported European grapes in a new form.

Enter - Pisco, a colorless grape brandy produced in both Peru and Chile.

Then, in 1872, Elliot Stubb took off for Peru on a ship named, "Sunshine" ... determined to open a bar come hell or high water, and ended up concocting the very first Pisco Sour.

His concoction consisted of Pisco, lemon - or lime, egg whites, simple syrup and bitters.

Here, you can link to a fantastic recipe if you are interested in experimenting. The picture to the left shows one that Freddy whipped up for me recently. SUCH a yummy mix.

And on a side note ... since 2003, Peru has celebrated a National Pisco Sour Day, which takes place on the first weekend in February each year.

I think we should all mark our calendars going forward! ;)

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  1. Hi Jenny, I dig your article and the photo of Encanto Pisco. Pray tell, remind me, have we met? - Duggan