Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Beauty Mark

If I could ask "God" for 3 body modifications, here's what they would be.

1. A bigger booty. 

2. A couple of extra inches ...  vertically speaking. 

3. A beauty mark like Marilyn Monroe's.

Many people speculate that Marilyn's beauty mark was a fake.
But I must say, if it was, she was nothing if not consistent!

 Many years ago, I actually "purchased" said mole in the form of a piercing ... aptly named for Marilyn herself.

(Quite honestly, I got tired of the smeared black pencil that would inevitably make its way across my face by the end of the night. And a tattoo - I decided - would have just looked like a gigantic clogged pore) ...

So today, I went to a tattoo shop on Haight Street to get a black stone for my Marilyn piercing. This way, I can mimic the classic beauty's placement AND color with a smear free, sterling silver option. ;)

But it got me to thinking ... why do we call facial moles, "beauty marks" ??

What is it about this slight facial "abnormality" that causes such a stir?

Woman for generations have actually been penciling in "skin lesions" to make themselves more desirable.

Marilyn, Jean Harlow and even Cindy Crawford have been the talk of the town, with girls as far as Siberia stenciling moles to mimic these classic beauties.

But it seems that, as all things "beautiful" do ... beauty marks have their limits.

Location is key ... and Size is everything.  ;) ;)


  1. I have a beauty mark on the lower right side of my mouth. When I was young, I used to darken it with pencil, but I haven't done that in a long time. Maybe I'll try it again. I just don't kow if that is an attractive spot.

  2. I read somewhere that she did have a mole there, but that she always painted it a bit to make it more prominent.

  3. Kim, I'm sure it is an attractive spot. ;) As long as it's not some 3 inch hairy mole under your nose ... I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong!

  4. My daughter is a tattoo artist so she sees quite a few women coming in to request "The Marilyn" piercing. I'm not sure why we as a culture find 'em so attractive but I admit there is something very sexy about those beauty marks!

  5. have you ever thought of getting it tattooed on? it would look like a real beauty mark!