Monday, May 2, 2011

Meant to go hiking ...

And ended up buying a classic car instead!

Freddy and I were driving through Sonoma yesterday, headed to the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park for a day of sunny Sonoma hiking ... and on the way Freddy spotted this looker on the side of the road.

He pulled a quick "U" and before I knew it, we were parked in an old man's driveway, in wine country, chatting him up about his 1959 Chevy Pickup Truck.

I was sure that meant the car wouldn't start. But lo and behold, he fired it right up and Fred took off with "Walt" for a test drive.

I hung out in Walt's garage, admiring his vast array of classic vehicles. And let me tell you something, this guy had a sweet set up! I wanted them ALL! ;)

So Walt and Freddy returned, and I could tell by the smile on his face we had found his new car.

A quick phone call to Lux, the expert, for some affirmation ... and the decision was made.

They had a few minutes of "friendly negotiation" ... and Walt signed over the title sealing the deal on Fred's very first classic American car.

Can't wait to get it back to the city for some California Cruising. ;)


  1. Wow how cool is that.I love the yellow.My husband would love that.did you ever make it to the park?hee hee.what a great find and all the other beauties that guy had.I would want them all as well.xx

  2. Oh congrats! My husband would've done the same thing. What a beauty!

  3. Whoa, amazing! congratulations on the find! I think it's awesome that you kind of match it :) Happy cruising!