Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please, Read Before you Dress!

Ladies ... how did we come so far in the wrong direction ... in so little time??

Now, I understand. Not everyone works in an office, therefore, not everyone needs to dress like the fabulous buxom red head you see keeping the books for Don Draper and the likes ...
So your work attire may be a bit more laid back, I get it.

But never should I ever expect to see such disregard for one's appearance as you see here on the right.

Sneakers are NOT to be worn with skirts on your commute to work.
I saw this 9 times this morning alone, and it makes my head spin!

Invest in a sweet little pair of Audrey Hepburn flats if you aren't a "Suffer for Fashion" kind of girl.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But let's try to salvage our femininity in the process, yes?

In New York and especially in California I keep running across women who literally look like they ran out of their house in a fire, with their PJ's on, and a pair of non-street worthy shoes.

If this is truly the case, I am sorry for your loss.

If the fire theory is not a reality, then you need to invest in a mirror.

There was a day when women had great pride in their appearance at all times. They would get dolled up to go to the grocery store. Put on mascara and a skirt to take the dog out. This may be an extreme in our modern society, but I would like to believe that the Rockabilly woman ...
(Being as how she is obsessed with all things vintage) ... would be the one leading the pack back towards some semblance of style.

Especially given the more "Asexual" fashions that have emerged in our society as of late.

So for the love of God. Put on a dress every now and then!

Throw on a pair of fitted capris, grab your flats and a cardigan, and maybe a little bit of lipstick, eh?
Pony tail, flower, headband ... something!
Let's put some of that sass back into walkin' the dog, eh? ;)

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