Friday, February 18, 2011

For the Love of Burlesque: Part 1

Some may say, save the best for last.
However, I honestly don't believe I can discuss the modern world of Burlesque without first showing you my absolute favorite performer.
She's just the bees knees!

I've been to Burlesque shows all over the US, from New York to San Francisco, and everywhere in between.

And all I can say is, there is only one Angie Pontani.

Sure, there are all sorts of styles when it comes to modern Burlesque. And sure, sometimes I prefer something a bit more tongue in cheek, or comical. But Angie's style is the epitome of elegance. 

She's taken the titles of both Miss Exotic World and Miss Cyclone, my personal Coney Island favorite :)

And she's an Italian Stallion living in Brooklyn,
which means I had countless Angie performances to choose from during my time in NY.

Looking for proof?
The video above is one of her most classic numbers.
If your boyfriend hates the ballet, maybe this is a fair compromise?


  1. I'll never forget the way she says "Lasso". It saddens me that two of the best places in NYC that we stumbled into to see some burlesque shows are no longer there. Our night at the Slipper Room was anything but forgettable. ;)

  2. Long live Corio !! I think that was the best damn entertainment in NYC. Second to none, except maybe that one particular "performer" at the Slipper Room ... God help us. ;)

  3. She is such a delight, we were very privlaged to have a meet and greet with her here in New Zealand and she was open and honest when answering our questions and soo down to earth.